hiii i am new to html, starting this on 11/25/2020 :3

i plan to make this as sexy as possible but of course that will take some time, so please bear with me :D

about me, tha webmaster

my name is ball (yes. my name is ball. like aboingy ball. like a bouncy ball) and i am a girrrlllllll (she/her but i really dont care about pronouns so any is fine!). i am a minor and am a gemini sun, sagi moon, cap risingggggg

since i lack any content on this page what-so-ever, i will link some of my inspirations to get into html :3 therefore get ready to see some really pretty pages!!

pretty pages as mentioned!!!

SOOO absolutely so good, i was so surprised when i figured out the snow moved around the mouse that blew my fricking mind
one of the first pages i saw, SO CUTE!!!!! cannot express how cute
another cute one........... love the colors so much sooooo much!!!